Thanksgiving in February


Thanksgiving in February

by Lena Katenda

No, I am not too late to celebrate and Yes, I know that those who do celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving do so in November.

Having just been through the whirlwind called January 2017, I think it is appropriate to pause and document all that we are thankful for.

The Storehouse functions in the space of giving, but we would not be able to do so if it were not for the following people:

  1. Seeing that it is February, the month of love, we want to be the first to declare that we love each and every one of our amazing VOLUNTEERS! They give so much of their time and energy to serve in obscurity, sorting, folding, ironing, packing…  Every parcel handed out bears the fingerprints of one or more of our team of thirteen ladies.
  2. We thank God for COMMUNITY – the people who first open their hearts to the needy and follow it up by opening their cupboards to give of their stuff. Every clothing item or essential household item donated finds a home with someone in desperate need. In the past year, 4345 parcels were prepared and distributed.
  3. Our Storeroom at Hatfield Christian Church – It may not be huge, but it is a home-base from which we operate.
  4. A big Thank You to our network of partner ministries who keep us connected to where the need is. You are doing amazing work. May this year exceed your biggest expectations and may you see all you needs met.
  5. To the recipients of our gifts, thank you for your vulnerability and for allowing us the privilege of being a part of God stepping into your situation.

So, yes, it is only February, but our list of people that we are grateful for is growing in leaps and bounds. Be encouraged to start your own list and tackle the rest of 2017 with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Volunteer of the Week – Sibongile Ngele

Sibongile Ngele

If you’re looking for Sibongile on the weekend, you will probably find her at The Storehouse! Sibongile has assisted with many aspects of The Storehouse and is a hard working and beloved volunteer.

When asked her experiences and her thoughts, she had the following to say:

I ask God to use me in any and every way in His house, I volunteered once to change season at The Storehouse, the moment when you start sorting those clothes it is no longer about myself but it’s for someone else, that is part of the reason I volunteer because Self is not in the equation but it’s about others.

Volunteering in the storehouse has taught me that giving is not about giving what you don’t need but giving what you can still use so that someone else can have use for it, things in good condition and preferably things you still love.

I love my time, I give my time to The Storehouse as an act of love to those that will eventually receive their clothing parcels at the end of the day. Not forgetting the teaching I received from our leader Isabell who taught me that as I’m sorting the clothes I should be careful to put on the shelves clothes that people can use and in good condition, clothes that I myself can wear.

I volunteer to give with what I can give which is my time, and I have had many good times of meditation as I sort and pack clothes and appreciate the strength God has given me to do this and make a difference in others’ lives… Through this, people see the goodness and provision of Jehovah Jirah… People are given dignity and hope.

May the Lord draw many to serve in The Storehouse as well as give… I’m thankful for this opportunity.

Join Sibongile and give as an act of love, get involved!

Volunteer of the Week – Zanele Kekana

Zanele Kekana


As a full time student, Zanele has a pretty full schedule but still finds time to come and volunteer at The Storehouse. She is living proof that anyone can get involved and spread the good news and do the good work!

She had the following to say about her experience with us

Why do I serve at the storehouse?

I’m a full-time accounting student and responded to a call for help in the church announcements.

Right from the start, I really enjoyed volunteering my time and ability in this capacity.

I serve at The Storehouse because of the time, strength, knowledge, joy and love that the Lord has given me to go there and serve. It is all about Him, serving Him and helping The Storehouse and its volunteers live out their calling.

Whatever bit of time you have available, you can help too.

Join Zanele and be the change, get involved!

Volunteer of the Week – Lena Katenda

Lena Katenda's Picture
Lena and her two little angels

Lena has been serving at the Storehouse  for the past 4 years and is also responsible for our blog articles, she is passionate about helping others and carrying out the will of God. Her two children, Serene and  Ezra also come and help out when Lena volunteers.

Lena shares how she feels about life, helping others and her experience at The Storehouse.

A wife, mom, craftster and wordsmith… I live with a deep sense of responsibility, a commitment towards the call on my life and with a desire to be an active carrier of His peace wherever I go.

I love serving at the Storehouse, because I know the amazing impact the ministry is making not just in the city and its surrounds but even beyond our borders.

To give clothing to those who need it, fulfills one of the most basic things Jesus asks of His followers.
It’s a privilege to serve in the process of practically fulfilling this instruction.

It is helping our congregation and all who donate to The Storehouse to receive their “Well done” from the Master.

Join Lena in spreading the Word through action, get involved!


Volunteer of the Week – Yuzana Tin

You may recognize Yuzana, working hard, from the photos we posted of the “Lighting the Darkness” event. She has always been an exceptional volunteer and we love the what she brings to the team!

Yuzana wrote a few words on how she feels about volunteering at The Storehouse:

I wanted to volunteer at the church, but it was difficult for me to find the time. Through God’s grace, I found that I was able to help at The Storehouse.

There I met many friendly people, and I am glad to be working with God’s people for His purpose.

Do you feel the call to be the change? Don’t hesitate, get involved!

Fill in your name and email in the form below to volunteer:

The Shoebox Project: Thank you!

Thanks to the generous donations of GVSC, Heartfelt Family Church, Dischem, 28E Capital, Tomorrow’s People School, Click CRM and many private individuals, the Westfort community’s children were blessed with a Shoebox gift on Sunday 4 December at the Heartfelt Family Church.

Your generosity has placed stars in the eyes of 155 children.  Many of them have received a toothbrush for the first time in their lives!

This is what the Shoeboxes we made, with your help, looked like:


Thank you to everyone who helped put the Shoeboxes together, there was a lot of love put into this project and it shows in their smiles!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are a few pictures of these precious gifts from God receiving their gifts:

Volunteer of the Week – Eleanor Burton


Eleanor Burton wrote us to tell us her amazing story, so she requires no introduction.

Just a heartfelt thank-you from The Storehouse team!

My family and I moved to Pretoria from the UK in 2015. Where we lived in South Wales, I ran my own podiatry practice, but my husband’s job involved an increasing amount of travel to Southern African countries so we decided to take the plunge and move us all to South Africa for a few years.

It was a big decision to give up my practice and I wanted something equally rewarding to replace it during our stay here.

Having previously done volunteer work in Russia some 16 years ago, I decided to explore the options of volunteering again.

I found The Storehouse website during an online search of volunteer organisations in Pretoria and I immediately realised that it was well run and had become part of an established support network for many non-profit centres in the surrounding areas.

I find the other volunteers to be very friendly and welcoming and especially so, when I brought my daughter along to help out too. Its inspiring to see the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved and it is a pleasure to be part of such a worthwhile organisation.

I see The Storehouse as a way for me to get involved locally, to also help the wider community and ultimately, to say thank you for the privilege of living in this wonderful country.


You are valuable and you can also help those in need. Be the change, get involved!

Fill in your name and email in the form below to volunteer:

Volunteer of the Week – Adriana Baron


“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing….. I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters; you were doing it to me.”

– Matthew 24 v 34-40.

Hi there!

My name is Adriana and I have been serving at The Storehouse for a few years.

Providing people with basic needs such as food and clothing goes a long way towards restoring dignity and bringing renewed hope. I believe that in doing just that, you are showing people Jesus and His heart for His people.

It is an absolute pleasure helping out at The Storehouse. It is a volunteering opportunity that anyone can do in their own time – whatever time you have to give, be it a quick hour or a full day, you can make a difference.

I am grateful every single day for the life I have been blessed with. I have not gone to bed hungry, felt real thirst, experienced cold due to a lack of clothing, nor have I had to sleep outside on a hard, cold pavement. I am acutely aware that millions of people worldwide and thousands on our doorstep cannot say the same.

I choose to volunteer not because I’ve been there, but because I haven’t.

Get involved!

Volunteer of the Week – Ella Bale

Ella Bale's Picture
Ella Bale – Such a Gem!

Volunteer of the Week – Ella Bale

This week’s featured volunteer is Ella Bale. She has been with us for 5 years and in that time she has played a huge role in helping The Storehouse to keep doing the good work.

We asked Ella why she first started volunteering and she had this to say:

In 2011, our Life Group leader introduced us to The Storehouse as our outreach program for the term. I had always wanted to volunteer but was not sure where. I knew that was where I needed to serve, when I realised the amount of orders coming in and the limited hands-on help that they had. The fulfilment I felt when we received feedback of appreciation from the homes that we supply made all the hard work worth it. The way the people were thanking the Lord, and the happiness in the small kids’ faces when they receive the parcels… It made me feel that we are making a difference in people’s lives .That really motivates me.Ella Bale

If you have always wanted to volunteer but feel unsure of how and where.. Talk to us and let us help you, help others.

Get involved, get in touch!!




It brings us great joy to see your donations find a home with those who need it most. Thank you to everyone who donated and especially to Matshegisha Drop-Inn Centre for helping those in need!

Good Morning Isabel


Thanks for the clothes donated to MATSHEGISHA DROP-INN CENTRE collected by Pastor Edward. The team appreciate the contribution your organization made.

Attached is some of the images.


Mpho Elizabeth – The Centre Manager

Get Involved!