Volunteer of the Week – Sibongile Ngele

Sibongile Ngele

If you’re looking for Sibongile on the weekend, you will probably find her at The Storehouse! Sibongile has assisted with many aspects of The Storehouse and is a hard working and beloved volunteer.

When asked her experiences and her thoughts, she had the following to say:

I ask God to use me in any and every way in His house, I volunteered once to change season at The Storehouse, the moment when you start sorting those clothes it is no longer about myself but it’s for someone else, that is part of the reason I volunteer because Self is not in the equation but it’s about others.

Volunteering in the storehouse has taught me that giving is not about giving what you don’t need but giving what you can still use so that someone else can have use for it, things in good condition and preferably things you still love.

I love my time, I give my time to The Storehouse as an act of love to those that will eventually receive their clothing parcels at the end of the day. Not forgetting the teaching I received from our leader Isabell who taught me that as I’m sorting the clothes I should be careful to put on the shelves clothes that people can use and in good condition, clothes that I myself can wear.

I volunteer to give with what I can give which is my time, and I have had many good times of meditation as I sort and pack clothes and appreciate the strength God has given me to do this and make a difference in others’ lives… Through this, people see the goodness and provision of Jehovah Jirah… People are given dignity and hope.

May the Lord draw many to serve in The Storehouse as well as give… I’m thankful for this opportunity.

Join Sibongile and give as an act of love, get involved!

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