Volunteer of the Week – Lena Katenda

Lena Katenda's Picture
Lena and her two little angels

Lena has been serving at the Storehouse  for the past 4 years and is also responsible for our blog articles, she is passionate about helping others and carrying out the will of God. Her two children, Serene and  Ezra also come and help out when Lena volunteers.

Lena shares how she feels about life, helping others and her experience at The Storehouse.

A wife, mom, craftster and wordsmith… I live with a deep sense of responsibility, a commitment towards the call on my life and with a desire to be an active carrier of His peace wherever I go.

I love serving at the Storehouse, because I know the amazing impact the ministry is making not just in the city and its surrounds but even beyond our borders.

To give clothing to those who need it, fulfills one of the most basic things Jesus asks of His followers.
It’s a privilege to serve in the process of practically fulfilling this instruction.

It is helping our congregation and all who donate to The Storehouse to receive their “Well done” from the Master.

Join Lena in spreading the Word through action, get involved!


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