Volunteer of the Week – Eleanor Burton


Eleanor Burton wrote us to tell us her amazing story, so she requires no introduction.

Just a heartfelt thank-you from The Storehouse team!

My family and I moved to Pretoria from the UK in 2015. Where we lived in South Wales, I ran my own podiatry practice, but my husband’s job involved an increasing amount of travel to Southern African countries so we decided to take the plunge and move us all to South Africa for a few years.

It was a big decision to give up my practice and I wanted something equally rewarding to replace it during our stay here.

Having previously done volunteer work in Russia some 16 years ago, I decided to explore the options of volunteering again.

I found The Storehouse website during an online search of volunteer organisations in Pretoria and I immediately realised that it was well run and had become part of an established support network for many non-profit centres in the surrounding areas.

I find the other volunteers to be very friendly and welcoming and especially so, when I brought my daughter along to help out too. Its inspiring to see the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved and it is a pleasure to be part of such a worthwhile organisation.

I see The Storehouse as a way for me to get involved locally, to also help the wider community and ultimately, to say thank you for the privilege of living in this wonderful country.


You are valuable and you can also help those in need. Be the change, get involved!

Fill in your name and email in the form below to volunteer:

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