Volunteer of the Week – Ella Bale

Ella Bale's Picture
Ella Bale – Such a Gem!

Volunteer of the Week – Ella Bale

This week’s featured volunteer is Ella Bale. She has been with us for 5 years and in that time she has played a huge role in helping The Storehouse to keep doing the good work.

We asked Ella why she first started volunteering and she had this to say:

In 2011, our Life Group leader introduced us to The Storehouse as our outreach program for the term. I had always wanted to volunteer but was not sure where. I knew that was where I needed to serve, when I realised the amount of orders coming in and the limited hands-on help that they had. The fulfilment I felt when we received feedback of appreciation from the homes that we supply made all the hard work worth it. The way the people were thanking the Lord, and the happiness in the small kids’ faces when they receive the parcels… It made me feel that we are making a difference in people’s lives .That really motivates me.Ella Bale

If you have always wanted to volunteer but feel unsure of how and where.. Talk to us and let us help you, help others.

Get involved, get in touch!!


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