Volunteer of the Week – Adriana Baron


“For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing….. I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters; you were doing it to me.”

– Matthew 24 v 34-40.

Hi there!

My name is Adriana and I have been serving at The Storehouse for a few years.

Providing people with basic needs such as food and clothing goes a long way towards restoring dignity and bringing renewed hope. I believe that in doing just that, you are showing people Jesus and His heart for His people.

It is an absolute pleasure helping out at The Storehouse. It is a volunteering opportunity that anyone can do in their own time – whatever time you have to give, be it a quick hour or a full day, you can make a difference.

I am grateful every single day for the life I have been blessed with. I have not gone to bed hungry, felt real thirst, experienced cold due to a lack of clothing, nor have I had to sleep outside on a hard, cold pavement. I am acutely aware that millions of people worldwide and thousands on our doorstep cannot say the same.

I choose to volunteer not because I’ve been there, but because I haven’t.

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Volunteer of the Week – Ella Bale

Ella Bale's Picture
Ella Bale – Such a Gem!

Volunteer of the Week – Ella Bale

This week’s featured volunteer is Ella Bale. She has been with us for 5 years and in that time she has played a huge role in helping The Storehouse to keep doing the good work.

We asked Ella why she first started volunteering and she had this to say:

In 2011, our Life Group leader introduced us to The Storehouse as our outreach program for the term. I had always wanted to volunteer but was not sure where. I knew that was where I needed to serve, when I realised the amount of orders coming in and the limited hands-on help that they had. The fulfilment I felt when we received feedback of appreciation from the homes that we supply made all the hard work worth it. The way the people were thanking the Lord, and the happiness in the small kids’ faces when they receive the parcels… It made me feel that we are making a difference in people’s lives .That really motivates me.Ella Bale

If you have always wanted to volunteer but feel unsure of how and where.. Talk to us and let us help you, help others.

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It brings us great joy to see your donations find a home with those who need it most. Thank you to everyone who donated and especially to Matshegisha Drop-Inn Centre for helping those in need!

Good Morning Isabel


Thanks for the clothes donated to MATSHEGISHA DROP-INN CENTRE collected by Pastor Edward. The team appreciate the contribution your organization made.

Attached is some of the images.


Mpho Elizabeth – The Centre Manager

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Volunteer of the Week: Stersia Botha

Stersia Botha's Picture
Stersia Botha: She is a star!

Volunteer of the Week – Stersia Botha

This week’s featured volunteer is Stersia Botha. She has been working with us for years and always lights up our modest premises with her presence.
She only joins us once or twice a month; but when she is here, she moves mountains!

Stersia gave us some insight as to what it is like to do the Lord’s work at The Store House.

I love it when a plan comes together, especially the Lord’s plan. Being a volunteer at The Storehouse is seeing that often, and of course experiencing God’s provision, blessing and goodness through the hard work of especially Isabell and the team at The Storehouse. It’s an honour to be part of such a wonderful bunch of people. Stersia Botha

You can be a star just like Stersia, help us light up lives and do the good work!

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Volunteer of the Week: Wendy Tamkei

Wendy Tamkei's Picture
Wendy and her winning smile.

Volunteer of the Week – Wendy Tamkei

Wendy has been volunteering at The Storehouse since it was first established over a decade ago, she has become more than a volunteer and is a part of the family here.

We asked Wendy what her feelings were about volunteering, The Storehouse and her connection with our loving Father.

One of my gifts is serving – helping the church and The Storehouse.
He brings the connection of people who become friends.
I care for people by sharing what the Lord provides through the donations distributed by The Storehouse.
I appreciate what I have, and determine to give what is available.
This provided me with much opportunity to praise God and give thanks to Him – I live to glorify His Name.
Until He opens another chapter, I will serve Him through this ministry. Wendy Tamkei

We love seeing people align their lives with the Lord’s will to be charitable and help our neighbours!

Join Wendy in the good work by contacting us via:

Email: info@thestorehouse.org.za
Telephone: 012 644 0111/ 082 891 4934