Spring Shoe Collection

It sounds like a fashion collection, but its not.

During their spring celebration on Sunday the 4th September, the Hatfield Christian Church, encouraged the congregation to donate a pair of  sneakers or other shoes to The Storehouse.

Shoe Collection Box

God’s people showed up in numbers and we collected a trailer full of shoes. A very big THANK YOU to each one who parted with a beloved member of their shoe collection, in order that someone in need may have a pair of good shoes. We appreciate every one of you. Through, your empathy you’ve indeed walked a mile in the shoes of someone less fortunate.

The next step in getting these shoes to those who most need it, is to do the big SORT. This coming Saturday, 17th September, you can join for the summer change of season event. This is where we pack away all the last signs of winter in the Storehouse and get ready to be able to give out summer clothes.

Many hands are needed to make the size and gender sorting, packing and ironing light work. Hope to see you there and please invite friends and family to join you.

Venue: Hatfield Christian Church Lion Hall

Time: 08h30 till 13h00. Join for an hour of two if you cannot stay the full time.

Much appreciated,

Isabell and The Storehouse Team.

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